​Chew toys are important for a dog's oral and mental health. Dogs, especially puppies are very playful and investigative so chew toys are important to ensure that your dog does not grow into destructive chewing behaviour. A good chew toy can satisfy the boredom, teething and keep your dog active.

A dog toy with textures and grooves helps massage your dogs gums, bristles can help clean teeth, while chewing can control the build up of plaque and tartar.


No dog toy is indestructible. When buying a chew toy, consider whether the size and material is suitable for your dog's chewing temperment. Buy a product that is large enough that your dog will not be able to swallow it. Small bits can be torn off through play so ensure you supervise your dog and inspect toys regularly.
As a guideline for some of Hiho Australia products:

  • Solid nylon products (such as the large nylon bone or textured bones) or solid rubber products (such as the large reaction ball or large diamond), are suitable for more aggressive chewers,
  • Combination nylon and polyurethane rubber products (such as the ribs and coloured bone), are suitable for more softer chewers or teething dogs, and
  • Choose a sized product that is appropriate for your dog.